ATB Feat. Fuldner – This Is Your Life

Heaven is the new born child
Linger on the baby’s cry
Echoes till the day you die — you die

Falling out into this world
Bended, twisted, need to curl
Will you ever fly so high — so high

But from the cradle to the stars
You feel the pain you meet the hours
You will need some love — some love (but)

With love thee made the man they say
In this you have to go your way
And you will rise above — you will rise above

From now you only got this chance
Step off the line learn how to dance
With this world — you may survive

Then lovin’ shine will cross your way
Ignite your nights and light your days
You will survive — you will survive

This is your life!

The way you act, the way you are
Some few are meant to be like stars
Reachin’ out — they’ve come so far

While others come and turn to dust
Existing only to adjust
This life is so bizarre — it’s so bizarre

So may you’ll have the chance to choose
Be descend and play by the rules
Will you shall overcome — overcome

Or will you raise the brand new day
Blow everybody’s minds away
You’ll shine just like the sun — my son

There’s good men on the evil side
And bad can make you dell alright
Will you fly with the hive — the hive

Or you’re the man who’s standing tall
And raise your fist against it all
You will survive — you will survive

This is your life

*Thanks Andru*

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