Autodidact Feat. Laura – Feelings (Original Vocal)

Posted by tareq under Lyrics on June 30, 2014

Feelings I cannot hide
Will make my heartbeat faster now
I’m dreaming
I fell in love with you

You are the sweetest thing
That ever came my way
I don’t need to
I don’t want to hide away

People are always changing
But I will stay the same
All I need is
You to stand beside me

My feelings are never ending
And I don’t need to say
In your arms I leave the world behind me

You are the soul
You embrace the silence
From the darkest moments
You can set me free

You are the light
Who can seize the darkess
The starry night behind us
You will make me see

You are the beat
I always hear inside me
The music that will guide me
All through my way
All through my way

You are the soul
You are the beat
From the darkest moments
You can set me free

*Thanks to Laura for sending me these lyrics!!*

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