Izzy Meusen Feat. Irena Love – Until we meet again (Original Mix)

Sudden motion brings me no release
And I’m sinking into madness and [..]
Someday [..] to your wrist

And the [..] madness that exists
And nothing [..] from apart
And the [..] inside your heart

I [..] I’ll be still
And I hold my breath [..]
Until, until we meet again

Until we meet again
I’ll be holding on to someone else
Until I see your face
I’ll be holding on to your last gaze
Never wanted

Until the [..]
Little pieces of my only love
We’re passing through the [..] of light
In the coldest [..]

Until my heart is shed
I’ll be [..]
Never dreaming
Screaming from the deep of mind
Until [..] where you hide

Until we meet again

*So sorry for all the gasps*

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