Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills – Deep Down

They say, they say
We should have known better than to
Fall so deep down, deep down
Into this rabbit hole we found

And I was thinking

On the long way down here
No life, no light, no sight, no sound down here
Hold my hand now
Eyes closed nosedive down deep
Into this pool of regrettable situations
Pitch black
Think back to the last time
That we were happy

Losing my senses
Lost in my head
I am nothing, and no one
And nowhere at all
I am thoughtless and I fought this on my own

This is the wrong way
This is the long way down

Repeat Chorus

From these midnight walls
Sinister faces rest a gaze on me
Send in this darkness
Foolishly I run
This is the wrong way
Losing my senses
Lost in my head

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