Tenishia feat. Tiff Lacey – Burning from the inside (original mix)

I’m in love again
With my best friend
I’m falling deeper than I thought, I ever could and then
Lost my heart to you
Lost every part its true
Seems no matter what you say or do I’m losing all my inhibitions too

Left alone with you I come apart
There alone with you, you hold my heart
Burning from the inside when you call my name
You turn me outside over, over and over again

Crashing down like water
It’s when you say my name
Then I realise
I’m in love again
Passion like no other
And I don’t feel the same
You can see in my eyes
I’m in love again and again

I’m in love again, and every time I spend
With you seems far too short, I need to be with you at the end
Every night I dream, about you kissing me
And when you’re close it feels so real, not just fantasy

“Special thanks to Jere for helping me out and to Tiff Lacey for correcting this lyrics”

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