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Lange – We Are Lucky People

After months of debuting the hit single We Are Lucky People, the double disc, 25 track third studio album of Lange has been released with the same title. The CDs can be ordered from Bandcamp (£8.99) or digital versions can be downloaded from iTunes ($9.99) or Beatport ($16.99).

The first disc contains an unique take on a year of club hits, taking the sounds in new and unheard directions plus brand new material, and bonus disk has the club mixes.

Lange - We Are Lucky People


CD 1

01. We Are Lucky People – Album Intro
02. Imagineer – Album Mix
03. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) – Acoustic Mix
04. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) – Under The Moon Mix
05. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) – Album Mix
06. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) – Album Mix
07. A Different Shade of Crazy – We Are All Mix
08. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) – Simple Truth Mix
09. Our Brief Time in the Sun – Album Mix
10. Violin’s Revenge (with Ilseviolin) – Light Mix
11. Destination Anywhere – Piano Mix
12. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) – Percussive Mix
13. We Are Lucky People – Album Mix

CD 2

01. Imagineer – Club Mix
02. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) – Club Mix
03. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) – Club Mix
04. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) – Extended Mix
05. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) – Club Mix
06. A Different Shade of Crazy – Club Mix
07. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) – Extended Mix
08. Our Brief Time in the Sun – Club Mix
09. Violin’s Revenge (with Ilseviolin) – Dark Mix
10. Destination Anywhere – Club Mix
11. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) – Club Mix
12. We Are Lucky People – Club Mix

For more info on Lange: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Radio.

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