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Paul Oakenfold – Trance Mission

Paul Oakenfold - Trance Mission

I’ve always wanted to make this album but how do you successfully go about making a collection of cover versions of a bunch of your all time favourite records? It’s a tough question that I’ve had going round my head for many years. Yes lots of people have made remixes of these songs but few have covered them. I guess you’re wondering what the difference is right? Well a remix uses parts from the original composition whereas a cover uses nothing except the notation of the original riff. Other than that – you begin with a blank canvas – and that is what appealed to me when I decided to begin work on Trance Mission back in Summer 2013. – Paul Oakenfold

The new album from Paul Oakenfold features his cover versions of classic trance tracks by Energy 52, Art of Trance, Grace, Fragma, Rank 1 and more. Trance Mission is a 2-disk album, the first one being a mixed version of all of Paul’s covers, and the second being unmixed remixes.

Track list:

Disk 1:
01. Theme for Great Cities
02. Café Del Mar
03. Dreams
04. Barber’s Adagio For Strings
05. Toca Me
06. Ready Steady Go (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)
07. Not Over Yet
08. Awakening
09. Madagascar
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Hold That Sucker Down
12. Touch Me

Disk 2:
01. Barber’s Adagio For Strings (Instrumental Mix)
02. Ready Steady Go (Plump DJs 303 Bass Mix)
03. Touch Me (2Symmetry remix)
04. Not Over Yet (Radio Edit)
05. Dreams (Yonathan Zvi remix)
06. Madagascar (Simon Bostock Remix)
07. Hold That Sucker Down (Johnny Yono Remix)
08. Open Your Eyes (Future Disciple remix)
09. Café Del Mar (Activa Remix)
10. Awakening (Chris Voro Remix)
11. Toca Me (Eshericks Remix)

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