Andrew Rayel & Jwaydan – Until The End (Club Mix)

I can see the future in your eyes
And I know that it’s not over,
Yeah, I know we have tonight
I can see the dream come back alive
And I know that it’s not over
So hold me close tonight

You have been standing here alone so many times before
So when your past is hurting leave it all behind
And you should be halfway home and let your destiny begin
Before you lose your self and let your fears decide

When your heart stops and there’s no more sound
Every door locked when they shut you out, and the rain keeps on falling
I will catch you when they knock you down
And we will go on we will go until the end
We will go on we will go on until the end

And the stars wont, ever give up, ever give up on us
And I wont let ,anyone say, anyone say we cant
And I’ll show you, how to be brave, get everything that you want
We will never fade

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