Double Agents Feat. Aruna – Electrified (Manvel’s Ocean Breeze Remix)

Posted by tareq under Lyrics on June 30, 2014

Come, reach out and pull me in
I can’t resist
I wanna lose myself
Surrender to this
This is an ecstasy
Like I never knew
Mesmerized, electrified by you

I cannot break this spell
I’m overcome
I cannot keep myself
From coming undone
Don’t know what you do to me
It’s too good to be true
Mesmerized, electrified by you

Strange, strange how you make me feel
I can’t explain
I have been turned around
I’m not the same
I am alive again
I am renewed
Mesmerized, electrified by you

I am helpless, I am weak
I am falling at your feet
I belong, I belong to you, there’s no escaping
I am breathless, I am floored
I’m addicted, I am yours
This is true
I’m elated, I’m electrified by you

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