Evol Waves Feat. Eva Kade – Where Are You Going (Original Mix)

Wait, I will tell you everything
If you can wait
You will understand that this is true
This light will never lie to you
And now will light my way
Say good bye and leave me broken

Help, help me look inside your soul and see that blame
[..] so my heart [..]
And you [..] maybe(?) help me inside out
How can I wait forever

Why do we break our feelings, babe
Understand that what you make
Trust me if you go one way
You will make a choice and you may (?)

And you may

Wait, I will long for every questions
If you wait, I’ll become the one that you [..]
[..] I still [..] let you play
Where are you going?

You say goodbye and leave me broken
I cannot wait forever
Where are you going?

*Thank you Allie & Anthony!*
*Or something like that, lot of gasps I know but this one is hard :< help?*

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