Tenishia & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Falling (Original Mix)

Posted by tareq under Lyrics on June 30, 2014

I was dreaming of a mountain
We were walking side by side
I was blinking star filled kisses
I felt the universe inside

Maybe our dreams are for tomorrow
Now I know not this lifetime
All I feel is the sorrow
That you will never be mine

And I’m falling
Reaching out to nothing

I was thinking of completeness
I couldn’t stop it form as words
I was a fool to spill those secrets
Now all I feel is the wet soil

As I crash down these wild butterflies
Caught up in my skull
The sound of wings echo the darkness
Sometimes I guess you never really know

And I’m falling
Reaching out to nothing

Throwing out my senses into waves of empty air
Following these false clues,
Are you still there?

*Thanks Mădă*

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