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Above & Beyond – Group Therapy 163

2016 is finally upon us and back with the first new music Group Therapy of the year, Above & Beyond brought us tracks from Jason Ross, Nick Sember, Skrillex (Seriously?), and Super8 & Tab. Tony filled in for Paavo who is currently under the weather. Get well soon, Paavo!

Having debuted this track at ABGT150 in Sydney, Anjunabeats fans around the world were left waiting and waiting for Jason Ross’ remix of ‘Alone Tonight’ by Above & Beyond. Jason brings a classic track back with an incredibly energetic drop. Couldn’t be more excited to see what he has in store this upcoming year as he finished 2015 with a bang.

This week’s Record of the Week was yet another ABGT150 debut track. Nick Sember’s ‘Mezzo Forte’ was an instant crowd pleaser then, and now it is finally here. Easily his biggest track since ‘Forth,’ the talented producer has been slowly releasing these mints as a solo artist. With the high quality of these tracks, I can definitely say I’m okay with the wait in between.

This week’s Push The Button track was one of my current personal favorites. Super8 & Tab beautifully remixed ‘Little Something’ by Above & Beyond, and it is just outstanding. The original track was always one of my favorite’s off of We Are All We Need, but to have a dance floor remix of it is beautiful. I’ve had it on repeat since it was played on ABGT162 almost a month ago.

That wraps up ABGT163, the first of the year! Next week the aforementioned Nick Sember takes guest mix duties, and he is sure to impress. It’s not unreasonable to expect a new track in the mix. Tune in Friday to find out.

ABGT 163 Tracklist:

  1. Kyau & Albert – Bend Girl
  2. Above & Beyond – Alone Tonight (Jason Ross Remix)
  3. Alex Klingle – Epilogue
  4. Nick Sember – Mezzo Forte     [Record of the Week]
  5. Fatum vs. Judah – Ardan
  6. Rufus – Like An Animal (Yotto Remix)
  7. Rolo Green – Vito
  8. Sebastian Mullaert – You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Joris Voorn Remix)
  9. Lane 8 – Midnight
  10. Solid Stone – Profound (Coldharbour)
  11. Steven De Sar – Della (Max Freegrant Remix)
  12. Lane 8 – Frau
  13. Chomi feat. Elly – She Is (meHiLove Dub Mix)
  14. Skrillex – Stranger (Skrillex Remix w/ Tennyson & White Sea)
  15. Above & Beyond ft. Justine Suissa – Little Something (Super8 & Tab Remix)     [Push the Button]
  16. Michael Woods feat. Andrea Martin – Sleep (Club Mix)
  17. Daun Giventi – Sutra
  18. Stan Arwell & Quizzow – Destiny
  19. Mino Safy & DJ Xquizit – Arely (Max Freegrant Remix)
  20. Dido – Sand In My Shoes Above & Beyond Remix)     [Flashback]

ABGT 163 Guest Mix Tracklist:

  1. ID – ID
  2. Stephan Bodzin – Powers Of Ten (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
  3. ID – ID
  4. Frankey & Sandrino feat. La Oberg – Ways Of The Sun
  5. Meramek – Know Me (Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza Remix)
  6. Thomas Schumacher & Victor Ruiz – Satellite

ABGT 163 Featured Tracks
Above & Beyond – Alone Tonight (Jason Ross Remix):

Nick Sember – Mezzo Forte:

Above & Beyond ft. Justine Suissa – Little Something (Super8 & Tab Remix):

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