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Moonbeam – The Random

The Random represents not only Russia’s prolific EDM duo Moonbeam’s fourth extraordinary artist album, but also their first original film score. Soundtracking the directorial debut of the Moonbeam’s Pavel Khaleev, it brings together 12 enigmatic original tracks alongside 10 floor-flaming club renditions. Featuring Moonbeam’s unique vocal ensemble, on board are the singer-songwriter talents of Avis Vox, Leusin, Aelyn, Blackfeel Wite, Matvey Emerson and others.


Track List:

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Only You (feat. Jacob A)
2. Madness (feat. Avis Vox)
3. Alive (with Matvey Emerson)
4. Flight (feat. Leusin)
5. Together (feat. Blackfeel Wite)
6. You Win Me (feat. Aelyn)
7. Echoes Dying Away
8. Tell Me (feat. Jacob A)
9. Dark to Light (feat Nathassia D & Pryce Oliver)
10. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma)
11. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S)
12. Sun Went Down (feat. ARCHNGL)

Club Mixes

1. Awakening
2. Alive (with Matvey Emerson) (Club Mix)
3. Flight (feat. Leusin) (Club Mix)
4. The Raven
5. Only You (feat. Jacob A) (Club Mix)
6. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma) (Club Mix)
7. Together (feat. Blackfeel Wite) (Club Mix)
8. Heavy Rain (with J-Soul)
9. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S) (Club Mix)
10. You Win Me (feat. Aelyn) (Club Mix)

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