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Aly & Fila vs Jwaydan – Coming Home

In 2011 Aly and Fila teamed up with Jwaydan to create the A State of Trance Tune of the Year ‘We Control the Sunlight’. They’re back once again for the release of the follow-up track ‘Coming Home’ and this one is sure to be just as popular. ‘Coming Home’ is pure, beautiful and bursting with energy. Remix duties went to Russian duo Eximinds who provide a killer progressive touch to the track.

Coming Home was released on 11th of June 2012 through Future Sound of Egypt.


When in doubt, look to me, you’re the only one that’s standing in your way
Block the sun, losing hope, isolate yourself and push the light away

When alone, you find yourself searching places that you’ve never been before
Close your eyes, picture us somewhere perfect where the sunlight won’t fade away

cs1989513-02a-bigIf you’re torn then i’ll be torn with you
If you fall then i’ll fall right by your side
If you’re done and you’re losing sight
And you’re lost then I’ll guide you back into the light

When the night comes round, all stars will stay
Every step you take, will speak, remain
When the sun fades out, I’ll stay awake
I’ll be coming home, I’ll be coming home

I’ll be coming home, I’ll be coming home
I’ll be coming home, I’ll be coming home

When the stars are gone and the lights are out i’ll sing for you
When there’s no one else and losing your hope i’ll see you through
When the doors are closed & there’s no way out i’ll lead you to
A place you’ll know, a place called home

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