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Giuseppe Ottaviani – Magenta

At the end of the last decade, to the collective delight of his fans and the dance press, former Nu-Nrg-ist Giuseppe Ottaviani released his freshman solo album “Go!”. A full four years in the perfecting, Ottaviani’s highly anticipated follow-up is here and primed to colour your mind ‘Magenta’. Carrying studio team-ups with fellow tranceologists Ferry Corsten and Aly and Fila, and supported by a stellar chorus line of vocalists (Eric Lumiere, Audrey Gallagher, Linnea Schössow, Lo-Fi Sugar and Seri among them), the trance kingpin’s ready to wow again. Prepare to embrace all the shades, degrees, tones and meanings of ‘Magenta’.

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magenta

Track list:

01 Rush (feat. Lo-Fi Sugar)
02 Love Will Bring It All Around (with Eric Lumiere)
03 Stars (feat. Linnea Schössow)
04 Illusion (feat. Stephen Pickup)
05 Cold Flame
06 Gave Me (feat. Seri)
07 I Am Your Shadow (with Audiocells feat. Shannon Hurley)
08 Nothing Wrong (feat. Faith)
09 Feel The Music
10 Heal This Empty Heart (feat. Alana Aldea)
11 Waterpark
12 Waiting On Someday (feat. Vitamin B)
13 Brilliant People (with Aly & Fila)
14 Walk This World With Me (feat. Audrey Gallagher)
15 Magenta (with Ferry Corsten)

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