Delerium – Send Me An Angel (Andy Moor Remix)

Posted by tareq under Lyrics on June 30, 2014

In my dream
There’s an open window
That shines a light
Onto my view
When I awakening to find
Myself alone in this empty room
Where the future uncertain
And I’m afraid

I’m coming out from under your spell
I’m coming out from under this hell
I know its time for me to surrender
I don’t wanna be called a pretender
I know I know I know
Send me an angel
To take your place

In my dream
We would walk together
On autumn leaves
fall from the sky
The last piece of the ember
Starts the fire
And I watch the little sparking
As I say goodbye

Repeat Chorus

Are we that different after all these years
Overgrown with uncertainties
Are we taken by fears
But as we finally find our way and step into the light
Our shadows begin to disappear, when the sun is high
I realize now that love like this we’ll have to find again
It’s really not a matter of how, its becomes a matter of when
As I see my future unfold
It becomes a destiny brighter than the one I’m in
I must make my move now
Or I will never have a chance again

Repeat Chorus

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