Dennis Sheperd Feat. Molly Bancroft – Silence

I made a decision in my mind
I’m gonna move on
I’ve spend so much time
Thinking of reasons you might stay
But you’re just runnin’ around anyway

Oh, but sometimes
I wish things were good
And that we had a chance
But now I see that it’s over
I need to recover
And find some peace of mind again

I hope I never see your face
It’s better if you don’t drive by my place
It’s better if i just tell you goodbye
It’s better if I’m all alone
I’m feeling more alive

I’ll say it again in case you’re confused
I can’t stand the feeling of being used
You wonder how I will ever survive
But baby I can live without your lies

Oh, yeah but so long baby can you try
Can you let me go tonight?
‘Cause when you finally lose your grip we’ll move on

I know it’s hard to say goodbye
But baby you have wandering eyes
And I could never feel secure
Oh, but my love is all that you should want

In the silence I can see
That you and I will never be
You can’t be my everything
Time away won’t change a thing
In the silence
I’ve been waiting to feel free

To feel free,to feel free, to feel free

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